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Truly Great Coffee

We Proudly serve Stumptown coffee for a simple reason.  We think they're the best at what they do, which allows us to be the best at what we do: providing the Central Coast's best latte, or one-of-a-kind french press, or cappuccino to die for, or just a "simple" cup of fresh brewed single origin. 


Here's Stumptown's elegant take on why this matters:


Coffee is about pleasure. It’s that moment when your hand is warmed by the mug, you bring it up to your nose, inhale deeply and then take a sip.​

That sip is the culmination of years of work, three-thousand mile journeys, and passion.

While you are holding that cup of coffee, close your eyes. Open your mouth slightly. Breathe in deeply through your nose.

You are smelling the most complex thing humans consume. When people talk about the flavors of coffee — notes of orange, or hints of clove — it’s because those organic molecules are contained in the coffee bean. If a coffee reminds you of apple pie, it's because coffee shares some of the same components as food, like lactic and malic acid.

Inside that small bean are the same natural components that make flowers smell so lovely, the same ethers that let you know when a piece of fruit is ripe. Coffee has twice as much going on, molecularly speaking, as red wine.

When tasting coffee, try waiting for it to cool down a little — you’ll be able to taste (and smell) the most when it’s the same temperature as your body.

Flavor only matters in the context of you. What do you like? What does this scent remind you of? Are you looking for a full-bodied cowboy coffee, or a delicate, tea-like finish? Chocolate aromas, or hints of jasmine?

Don’t worry if you can’t describe it precisely, or have a different perception than someone else. Even when you can’t put it into words, you’ll know what you like.

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