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Art at Bru

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Interested in displaying your art at Bru?

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The Photography of Joe Schwartz - a permanent exhibition @ Bru

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Joe Schwartz, a legendary national award-winning "folk" photographer and long time resident of Atascadero committed his life to cultural, racial and artistic diversity.  We're proud to display a small but rotating selection of his art at Bru.  See below for links to more...

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Artist of the month:  Lori Sortino

Lori is a polymath with a fascinating set of interests and skills.  A collection of her stunning photography and painting will be at Bru all month.  See her bio below.  Click on any image for a link to more on her website.


Previous artists-of-the-month:

July: Tom Lott
August: Cythia Kevarkian

September: Photography of Joe Schwartz

October: Randy Bossom & Joe Schwartz

November: Andrew Wilkie (Art Grounded in Coffee)

December: Laura Dienzo Fine Art Photography

January: Frank Gallucci vintage "agri-lithography"


March: Jim Coniglio

April: Michelle Duero images of Morocco & Marrakesh

May: Digital Arts class of Atascadero Middle School

June: Kelsey Cole beauty in nature

July: Candace Rae

August: Tobey Crocket Surfing Angels 

October: Andrew Wilkie (Art Grounded in Coffee)

November: Melodie Jordan

Febuary: Cid Newsome

April: Tom Lott

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